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“Gregg’s vision of the ‘big picture’ and strong communication skills make it all possible.”

Jesse Joad, MD MS
Assoc. Dean Diversity & Fac. Life - Emeritus
University of California, Davis

“Gregg’s passion and enthusiasm enhance his innate ability to engage individuals and organizations in the deep work of transformative leadership development. His success stems from his ability to work from a solid center of core values.”

Vijay P. Khatri, MBChB, FACS

Professor of Surgery
University of California, Davis

Organizational Development

Development is a state of growth. Organizational Development is a collective experience of constant growth and change. Growth requires stretching (physically, mentally, spiritually) and stretching doesn’t always feel pleasant. Collective stretching is complex and involves things like: profit margins, accurate forecasts, productivity, efficiency, internal conflict, communication barriers, competing resource allocation and turnover.  G3 brings an acute diagnostic ability that allows the organization to recognize, acknowledge and address the areas of most resistance. Together with G3, organizations develop “on-purpose,” consciously choosing a path for success. 

The Result

Exponential Growth in Organizational Development.