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“Gregg is an exceptional instructor, as a member of the UC Davis Extension faculty, and a superb coach in one-on-one relationships. I have yet to meet, and do not expect to meet, anyone who unites intellect, passion and thoughtfulness into his work the way Gregg Servis does."

Gene Crumley, M.Div.
Chair, Dept. of Business & Leadership 

University of California, Davis Extension

“I have been an educator for over 20 years and recognize Gregg's dedication to the learning process and ability to identify those teachable moments that allow individuals to grow personally and professionally.”

Jennifer Park, MS, MPT

Faculty,Kinesiology and Health Science
California State University, Sacramento


  • Leadership Effectiveness

    Leadership Effectiveness is the bedrock of sustainable, results-oriented performance for you, your team and your organization. Building a sound foundation is essential to individual and collective leadership effectiveness.

  • Organizational Development

    Development is a state of growth. Organizational Development is a collective experience of constant growth and change. Growth requires stretching (physically, mentally, spiritually) and stretching doesn’t always feel pleasant. 

  • Personal Performance

    Are you performing at your best? What does performing at your best really mean? In our complex, competitive and interconnected global society, it doesn’t matter where you perform -- you can lead from any chair -- what matters is “how” you perform.

  • Workshops and Seminars

    G3’s workshops and seminars create unique opportunities to initiate or reinvigorate the journey of exponential growth. Workshops, seminars and retreats are customizable to individuals, teams and organizations.