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“Gregg has made an enormous contribution to the development and refinement of my leadership skills.  He is experienced, wise, insightful, practical and most importantly action oriented. I strongly recommend him.”
Michael Wilkes, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Dean - Emeritus
University of California, Davis

"Gregg is one of the top leadership coaches and facilitators I have had the privilege to know.”

Jean B. Gasen, ACC, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, The Leadership Circle
President, JB Gasen and Associates

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness is the bedrock of sustainable, results-oriented performance for you, your team and your organization. Building a sound foundation is essential to individual and collective leadership effectiveness. G3 Leadership coaching provides the building blocks and necessary tools to dig deep and construct a foundation able to sustain the pace inherent in exponential growth and success. Innovation and adaptive challenge are part of the process. G3’s method focuses on patterns of behavior linked to assumptions that drive internal and external capacity, response-ability, adaptability, flexibility, and results.

G3 brings new discerning habits and fresh resources to engage individuals and teams in accountability, piercing through old habits, behaviors and assumptions, inviting exploration of the next level of individual and collective leadership effectiveness and personal development. 

The Result

Exponential Growth in Leadership Effectiveness.